Comments from the March 23, 2012 Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast featuring Dr. Condoleezza Rice with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Betty Ann Boeving, Executive Director of the Bay Area Anti Trafficking Coalition: 
“What Dr. Rice had to say this morning really challenged me. I have not been attending church and 
now realize what has been missing in my life.”
– Guest 

“Dr Rice was fantastic and gave great insights to her faith that helped support her. 
Two impactful lines were ‘the privilege to suffer’ and ‘we treated every day as Sept 12.'”

“The prayer breakfast was just what I needed at this point in my life.”
– Guest

“Condi kept our table speechless for the whole presentation.”
– Guest 

“We had an amazing discussion at my table about what it means to have faith and 
the issue of faith and reason. It was a lively discussion that addressed such issues as ‘doubt.'”
– Guest 

“Although I do not agree with Rice’s politics, I was inspired by her talk and 
amazed by her life. She and the other speakers caused me to think more about issues of faith.”
– Guest 

“Fabulous morning. What a privilege to hear Dr. Rice.”
– Guest

“Great presentation of leadership and faith. This needs to spread throughout Silicon Valley.”
– Guest

“Well done. Thank you for the strong presentation of the power of faith and 
prayer in the context of conflict, perseverance, character and hope.”
– Guest

“Boy was HE ever present yesterday morning!!!!!!! 
The couple at our table was deeply touched and asked a lot of questions during the discussion time.”
– Guest

“Very well done. Great speakers. Look forward to the next ones.”
– Guest

“What a blessed event. 
Condi certainly kept everyone’s attention. 
And I really thought it was a great intro to the event to have Betty Ann tell us about the needed program 
to deal with human trafficking. We need to know more about that.”

– Guest


“Look at the enthusiasm around this room. 
Why do you have the event just once a year?” 
– Guest

“What a fantastic way to start the day! 
Can we have this event once a week rather than once a year? 
Thank you for choosing such great speakers and putting on an incredible event.” 

“I understood why you wanted me to be there. It had a profound effect on me. 
I look forward to talking with you more. It was really the right thing at the 
right time for me and I am very excited. Thank you very much.” 
– Chris Andrews

“Lots of energy in the room.” 
– Guest

“Very few people left after the event was over. 
People were engaged.” 
– Guest

“I was very impressed with the breakfast this morning – 
amazing how well it has grown over the years and all the people you have touched.” 
– Guest

“The event was outstanding. Several at our table took notes and wish to apply what they heard personally at their firm. 
Could not have been better” 
– Table Host

“Many of the guests at my table were pleasantly surprised to see so many people gathered so early 
in the morning to pray for the Valley and listen to testimonies of how God made significant impacts right where 
we all can relate — workplaces — through ordinary people who simply desired to follow God wholeheartedly. 
Many commented “It was refreshing, and look forward to next year’s gathering!” 
– Yoon Kim, Table Host

“I really enjoyed the event. Both were good speakers. It was what I like … 
good speakers, good messages, and light on religion.” 
– Guest

“Both speakers were outstanding! Their work was impressive and their presentations were personal, 
interesting and inspirational. Congratulations on a very successful and moving event.” 
– Guest

“Thank you so much for today. It was such an inspiration to see what people are 
doing to make a difference in the lives of others.” 
– Guest

“I found the recent Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast to be both inspiring and thought-provoking. 
Kim and John, two seasoned business leaders, shared their successful experience in melding the best of the world 
of business and the best of the not-for-profit service sector. In so doing, they challenged each of us to take our business 
vision to another level, that of service to mankind.” 
– Guest

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend the prayer breakfast. It was an eye opening experience 
that took place just at the right time for me. The speakers were fantastic. Thanks again!” 
– Guest

Our guests were moved. To a person, everyone was inspired to do something with the message. Wow!!” 
– Greg Sivaslian, Table Host

“God used the Silicon Valley Prayer Breakfast to show me how many people care about 
making Him known in the workplace.” 
– Andy Wong, Guest

“I am just too emotional to speak right now. The messages really affected me.” 
–  Guest